Cristhian Garcia, who improved at this Football Improvement Centre, starts his Euro pro career

We’d like to officially announce that Cristhian Garcia is now playing for Euro Pro div 2 club in Lithuania, FK Minija.

Cristhian Garcia was part of the Olympiacos Melbourne football philanthropies for over 6 years.

We are all astounded with the results Cristhian has achieved and congratulate him on his success.

Prior to becoming part of the FK Minija team, Cristhian trialled at numerous pro Euro clubs. Coming from Australian football playing background, his playing history was not recognised at the clubs he was invited to trial, thus was always falling short to other players, not by merit of his skill, but due to the superior player biography the other players had.

He has now found home at FK Minija who have assessed and accepted him due to how well he plays. This is a record breaking achievement to know that a 31 year old Australian player is now recognised as a European professional player.

Cristhian continues to train with the team and is scheduled to play in their next game.

All of Cristhian’s games will be live streamed on Mondays 8PM on the Olympiacos Melbourne Live Videos on Facebook. They will also be available to watch at a later date.

Christhian started at the Olympiacos Melbourne – Helping Kids Football Centre 6 years ago, after migrating to Melbourne from overseas. Upon completion, he transitioned to our Football Improvement Centre, where he obtained the extra training to increase his game time.

On completion of the Football Improvement Centre, Cristhian proceeded to Junior Euro pathway to commence his development into elite sport.

His passion continued to grow where he became committed to playing professional football in Europe.

“Thank you Olympiacos Melbourne, I could not have done it without your help”, stated Cristhian.

We wish Cristhian all the best in his medical and look forward to seeing him realise his professional dream.

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