This centre helped these players afford the extra training and depart Melbourne for the annual men’s pro pathway

As the first players of the Olympiacos Melbourne, Annual men’s Euro pro pathway, our football philanthropy was able to overcome the cost of these young men being able to go on a Euro pro trip. Here they are, now able to fly overseas to Senegal where they participate in our first annual pathway.

These Australian players, who came from struggling families, are now given the same opportunity as others to be able to train and showcase their skill for a pro Euro career. They all commenced at our Helping Kids Football Centre, where they found a place of refuge and be able to return to a healthy lifestyle, in a centre that was now affordable by their parents.

On completion of this centre, these players commenced to our Football Improvement Centre, where their families were able to afford the cost of training and improve them for their existing club.

As they continued to train, their skill levels increased and they began to dream of playing professional football overseas.

The Olympiacos Melbourne Annual Pro mens pathway overcame this expense and has now allowed these players to play professional football.

All games will be streamed to Euro agents who will be able to identify players that they deem would be ready for a pro Euro trial. This also includes the local African players who are playing. This annual pro pathway builds a bridge from Australia and Africa to Europe, also giving struggling families a chance to help their kids achieve this pro dream.

We look forward to sharing more news about this pathway upon landing.

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