This players who was given the opportunity to afford the extra training, now continues to train in Europe

Following Cristhian’s agreement to start his Euro pro career and the positive reviews heard about Cristhian, there were some staff in the club that decided not to sign Cristhian. We completely respect the clubs decision, and have also instructed Cristhian to also remain respectful to the clubs decision also. Whilst this is a factor that it is out of control, the clubs decision must be respected unconditionally.

Following this decision, we remain thankful of Cristhian Garcia who remained firm under the pressure of European trials. He decided to continue to trial at other clubs to be able have a chance at a Euro pro career.

Being associated with multiple agents who have access to multiple European clubs, we are in a unique position that we are able to find additional opportunities for Cristhian to trial. Cristhian’s ability to complete the Football Improvement Centre gave him the opportunity to afford the extra training to improve his skills to the level where he can get game time at the next club he trials at. Without the football philanthropy, he would not have afforded this extra training that would put him in this position.

Despite the trials and tribulations of working with clubs to obtain a Euro pro contract, Cristhian has remained dedicated to work with us to find another suitable club in pursuit of achieving his target of getting a pro Euro contract.

We thank Olympias Lympia for his opportunity and the review we received from him.

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